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Me and the girls

Hi. I’m Laura Horton. I come from a long line of dog owners. My very first dog was an old German Shepherd, called Mandy. When I got a second dog for my 9th birthday, I called her Mandy as well. She was a Yorkshire Terrier. Since then I’ve had several dogs, two of which were adopted Border Collies. As you can see from the photo above, I’ve had Border Terriers too. I hold M.Sc in Clinical Research, and my career involves health research, medical imaging and teaching. My passion is dogs.

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Great Grandad


Great Aunty

Great Aunty

There is so much information available now about how to look after your dog, and how to be a good dog owner, it can be bewildering. I want this site to be a helpful hub of knowledge, so you can confidently find the information you need, then you and your best mate can just get on with having fun!

My mission on this site is to provide information you can trust, so you can make informed choices for your hound, and you.

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Family Dogs

What all this means for you

All the content on this site is created or edited by me. If you’re reading my guides, or looking at product choices, you can be sure that I’ve really checked it out. I will never recommend an item that I am not happy to provide for my own dogs.

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