Best Bark Collar for Small Dogs

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Let’s face it, small dogs can be noisy. If your little hound likes to over-guard you, or yaps every time they hear a distant car or a tree shifting in the breeze, you may be looking for a solution. Fortunately, there are perfectly safe products available to help solve this issue. Let’s find the best bark collar for small dogs. 

In this article, I’m reviewing the following Bark Collars For Small Dogs.

5 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs Reviewed

All of the following bark collars come highly recommended for small dogs. Many of them employ more than one method for bark prevention and are adjustable to suit your dog’s temperament. 

Trulrox No Shock Bark Collar 

The Trulrox No Shock Bark Collar uses beeps and vibration to calm your dog down when they start barking excessively. It’s adjustable, with five different modes so that you can experiment until you find the right level for your dog. 

Plus, it’s waterproof and has an internal rechargeable battery. It’s also lightweight and adjustable for dogs 8 to 150 pounds and won’t go off when other dogs bark nearby.


  • It uses an effective combination of vibrations and beeps
  • Adjustable and versatile for all dog breeds
  • Waterproof
  • It has an internal rechargeable battery


  • The collar may irritate your dog’s skin
  • Adjustable strap is not ideal for small dogs

GoodBoy Small Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

The GoodBoy Rechargeable Dog Collar is a vibration collar that’s perfect for small breeds. It uses a microchip to detect your dogs barking while avoiding any kind of shock or spiky prongs. It has an adjustable nylon strap designed for small dogs over six pounds. Plus, it’s weatherproof and built to stay in place on your dog’s neck.


  • Designed to be lightweight and specifically for small dogs
  • Uses vibration as a training method
  • Weatherproof
  • It has an internal rechargeable battery


  • Not optimized for higher pitch barking

Chanch Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

This bark collar is another one that combines vibration with beeping. It’s programmed with two training modes and five sensitivity levels. What’s more, it has six different progressive steps and uses a microchip for bark detection. Plus, it’s easy to use, enabling you to switch training modes without restarting it like many collars on the market.


  • It has an internal rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof
  • Two training modes and various options
  • It uses vibration and beeping together


  • Vibration doesn’t work for all dogs
  • Some dogs are scared by the beeping

PawPets Anti Bark Collar

Here’s another collar that takes a humane approach by combining beeping with vibration. The PawPets Anti-Bark Collar is one you can keep on your dog to prevent too much barking. It’s a quality-built product with two training modes and seven incremental settings. 

This collar doesn’t come with a remote, but it doesn’t need one because it automatically responds to your dog’s barking. When used as a training tool, you’ll be able to teach your dog not to bark at every passing sound and also educate them on the boundaries of your yard.


  • Quality construction
  • Two training modes and seven incremental vibrations
  • Uses no-remote technology
  • Effective for whining as well as barking


  • Battery life is low
  • The beeping is annoying for humans too

Elecane Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable

The Elecane Small Dog Bark Collar is designed to be comfortable for your dog. It’s adjustable for neck sizes between 6 and 24 inches. What’s more, it uses humane vibration technology to correct bad barking habits.

The Elecane has a rechargeable battery and a weather-resistant design to handle rain, snow, and mud. All in all, this bark collar is simple and effective. It’s ideal for small dogs. 


  • Weather-resistant design
  • Uses human vibrations to correct bad barking behavior
  • Has built-in technology to prevent false triggers
  • It has an internal rechargeable battery


  • The vibration technology is too gentle for some dogs
  • The battery needs frequent charging

Guide To Buying A Bark Collar For Small Dogs

What To Look For In a Bark Collar

If you’ve ever tried looking at bark collars on your own, you were likely overwhelmed pretty quickly. There are many different types of collars, all with their methods for bark prevention. On top of that, how are you supposed to know which one is right for your dog’s size and temperament?

The good news is, we’ve broken down your search for the best bark collar for small dogs to five top-notch choices. But before we get to the collars themselves, let’s discuss what factors you should consider in finding the perfect one.

Types of Bark Collars for Small Dogs

There are several different types of bark collars, for starters, and they’re all a little different. Some use static shock to prevent barking, while others rely on vibrations, spraying, or beeping. Some even give you a choice. 

And the truth is, there’s no one single most effective type. Instead, you need to think about your dog and what might work best for them. That said, let’s look at the different types of collars.

Static Shock Collar

I’m not a fan of the idea of shocking my dog, but that said, it’s essential to realize that the shocks are caused by static electricity. We’ve all worn a cozy sweater while sitting on the couch when someone comes up and shocks us. It’s startling but not painful or damaging in the least.

This type of static shock is what your dog will experience when they start barking and won’t stop. It’s brief and likely to startle your dog but harmless. However, if this method doesn’t sit well with you, we should move on.

Ultrasonic Beep Collar

Ultrasonic beep collars use high frequencies of sound to dissuade your dog from barking. The advantage of this method is that you may not even be aware that the collar is working because you can’t hear the sound it’s making. 

You can also get handheld devices that make these frequencies as a training tool. That said, it’s essential to realize that using ultrasonic sound does not usually work with willful or aggressive dogs.

Spray Collar

Another thing that dogs dislike is getting their noses wet. Spray collars take advantage of this fact by spraying your dog when they won’t stop barking. Dogs are also not fond of citrus smells, so a citronella spray is often used in these types of collars.

Vibration Collar

Vibration collars use pulses of vibration to dissuade your dog from barking excessively. This type of dog collar is generally thought to be the gentlest one of the bunch, although one could argue ultrasonic ones are more so. However, because of this, they’re not practical for all dogs. If your dog is stubborn, you might have to go another route. 

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to collar type, you should also consider size, comfort and weight, runtime and batteries, and your dog’s temperament. For starters, it’s vital to ensure you’re picking a collar that is the right size for your dog. Fortunately, all of the collars we’re about to review are specific for smaller breeds.

Once you’ve found a collar that’s the right size, make sure that it’s going to be comfortable for your dog. In general, the best bark collar for small dogs should weigh five ounces or less. Plus, look for materials that won’t irritate your dog’s skin. 

Next, look at the power source for the collar you’re choosing. Can you replace the batteries easily when you need to? Furthermore, you should take into account how much replacement batteries are going to cost. For spray collars, you should factor in the price for replacement cartridges. 

Lastly, consider your dog’s temperament. The collar type that works for one dog may not work for another. For instance, shock collars are typically too much for aggressive dogs and can make the situation worse. Also, calm hounds may be just fine with a gentler method, like an ultrasonic or spray collar. 

Are Bark Collars Humane? 

It’s critical to realize that no bark collar is going to harm your dog. Even with shock collars, the shock is slight. Plus, most collars have an automatic shut-off feature that turns the collar off if your dog continues to bark for over a minute. 

That said, are bark collars humane? It’s really up to how you feel about them. However, most dog owners do not see them as cruel. Don’t overuse them, though. If your dog is not being corrected, try another tactic.

The Best Bark Collar for Small Dogs is…

Although you can’t go wrong with any of the bark collars on this list, my favorite is the GoodBoy Small Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar. It’s designed specifically for small dogs, with an adjustable strap and lightweight construction. It uses the vibration method of training your dog not to bark, which proves effective for many small dogs.

You might have noticed that none of the collars on this list are static shock collars. The reason is that most small dogs don’t need anything more than gentle reminders to stop barking. The GoodBoy Bark Collar is exactly what you need for small breeds. Plus, it’s weatherproof, built to last, and has an internal rechargeable battery.

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