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In a rush and just want my recommendation?  I think Excel’s 8-in-1 Safeguard Canine Dewormer is a great choice.

Taking my dog to the vet can be stressful. As much as I enjoy the peace of mind of knowing my hound is taken care of, I always learn about new things that I need to keep an eye out for, including parasitic worms. 

Finding out our dogs have worms is unsettling, and trying to weed out the best dog dewormer in all the information online is bewildering.

In this article, I’m reviewing the following dewormer treatments for dogs.

5 Best Dog Dewormers Reviewed

I’ve reviewed the best five deworming medications for dogs, complete with pros and cons. Now all you have to do is make a decision!

Sentry HC 7 Way De-Wormer for Medium & Large Dogs, 2 Count

Sentry’s 7-Way Dewormer is an excellent choice if you don’t have a clear diagnosis for the types of worms causing the infestation. Unlike other dewormers, the 7-Way Dewormer works to eliminate worms in a single dose using the active ingredients praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate.


  • Kills and prevents seven strains of worms
  • Single-day treatment
  • Flavored, chewable tablets make it easier to get your dog to eat


  • Needs to be stored at a room-controlled temperature (59-86°F)

This would have been especially useful when I was running through a bunch of different dewormers trying to narrow down what my dog had. I wish someone would have told me about broad-spectrum medications earlier.

Durvet Triple Medium and Large Dog Dewormer

For homes with multiple dogs, Durvet’s Triple Dog Dewormer is a smart pick. It comes in a 12-pack, unlike most other treatments that may only have enough for one dog. Using an equal amount of the active ingredients pyrantel, pamoate and praziquantel, you only need to administer one treatment before it begins to work, and will need to administer another one after two weeks.


  • Ideal for households with multiple dogs
  • Treats two tapeworms, two roundworms, and three hookworms


  • Commonly reported side effect of diarrhea

Even if your home doesn’t have multiple dogs, many people prefer to buy in bulk and keep it handy just in case a problem pops up again. Just make sure to monitor the expiration date!

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer (Praziquantel Tablets) for Dogs

We all know the frustrations of getting our pups to take a pill, but Bayer’s Tapeworm tablets can be easily crushed and disguised for easier consumption. It treats both strains of tapeworms.


  • Scored tablets for easier dosing
  • Safe for dogs and puppies older than four weeks of age


  • Only treats common strains of tapeworms
  • Have to use the entire bottle for one dog, not ideal for multi-dog households

Many dewormers are designed for older dogs, but Bayer’s tablets are safe for puppies as young as four weeks old, which is beneficial for breeders or someone who has had to take in a puppy earlier than expected.

Excel 8-in-1 Safe Guard Canine Dewormer for Large Dogs, 4 Gram, 3 Pack

Excel’s 8-in-1 Safe Guard Dewormer is considered one of the safest products on the market. It uses an active ingredient known as fenbendazole, which is commonly found in prescription dewormers. 


  • Safe for pregnant dogs and puppies older than six weeks
  • Treats tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms
  • Easy-to-feed granules to mix into food


  • Very rarely, some dogs experienced vomiting associated with the dewormer (Only 1%)

The treatment is administered for three consecutive days. I enjoy anything that can be mixed in with my dog’s food; it seems like they have a third sense when it comes to trying to give them anything new!

Panacur C Canine Dewormer (Fenbendazole), 4 Gram

Panacur’s C Canine Dewormer is another broad-spectrum medication if you don’t have a clear diagnosis. The granules must be administered for three consecutive days.


  • Comes in a powder form so it can be easily mixed in with food
  • Panacur also offers 1 and 2-gram packets for easier measuring depending on your dog’s weight
  • Treats roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and taenia tapeworms


  • Many owners reported difficulty in getting their dogs to eat it
  • Only treats one type of tapeworm

Panacur is also a popular choice among dog owners who treat giardia, which is another parasite usually picked up when drinking unclean water

Guide To Buying Dog Dewormers

Why are Worms Dangerous for My Dog?

As opposed to fleas and ticks, worms are a parasite found internally in dogs rather than on the skin. 

Veterinarians most commonly come into contact with roundworms and tapeworms, but there are also hookworms, whipworms, heartworms, and ringworms. While all six vary in size and location, they all pose significant health risks for your dog.

Symptoms that your dog may have worms include:

  • Weight loss
  • Increase or decrease in appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Distended abdomen
  • Rubbing or dragging their butt on the ground
  • Diarrhea and soft stool
  • Visible worms in stool or around their anus

We all know that dogs like to eat everything. This is usually how they pick up worms, but they can also get them from rolling around in things they shouldn’t be. They can also pick them up from fleas or mosquitos!

If you think your dog has worms, make a vet appointment as soon as possible to get a confirmation and determine the type. If you don’t know what kind of worms your dog has, how will you pick the best deworming medicine for them?

How to Choose the Best Dog Dewormer

When sorting through all the treatments online, keep these features in mind before you make a decision:

  • Parasites targeted: Every deworming medication should list the strains of worms that it treats. After visiting the vet for a diagnosis of which ones are affecting your dog, make sure you choose a dewormer accordingly.
  • Active ingredients: Related directly to the parasites targeted by each treatment. For example, piperazine only works on roundworms, while fenbendazole won’t affect worms that originated from fleas.
  • The number of doses: Giving your dog medication can be difficult. Some medicines only require one treatment before it starts working, while others need to be given over a few days.
  • Side effects: I combed through customer reviews and case studies to ensure all of the dewormers I listed below didn’t have any common, serious side effects. As always, confirm with your vet to make sure your choice is a safe one!
  • Age and weight: Every dewormer medication is going to be based on a dog’s weight. If you have a large dog, you may have to purchase multiple packages or opt for multi-dog household treatment.
  • Pricing: Be wary of any medications that seem too good to be true—your pup is a family member, and you don’t want to take any chances. Likewise, if you have a multi-dog household, you may want to gravitate towards effective bulk treatments for the sake of your wallet.

Deworming treatments are not one size fits all, for your dog or for the worms they’re afflicted with, so make sure you’re studying up on each product’s specifications.

The Deworming Process

So what can you expect after the initial treatment?

Different deworming medications work differently, but most will attack and kill the worms inside your dog’s intestinal tract, meaning they’ll be pooped out over a few days or a week. If you see worms in their feces, don’t be alarmed, because they’re no longer living inside your dog! 

Common Deworming Mistakes

  1. You are only reactive and not proactive. The best way to fight worms is to prevent them from entering your dog in the first place.
  1. You are administering a deworming medicine without knowing your dog’s weight. All dosages are dependent on your dog’s weight, and it could be dangerous if you administer too much.
  1. You don’t know what type of worms you’re treating before purchasing a medication. Visiting a vet to narrow down what type of worms you’re dealing with or choosing a broad-spectrum medication is the best route.
  1. You’re only administering the first treatment. Dewormers don’t kill any inactive larvae living in the intestinal tract, so the treatment needs to continue until the larvae grow into adults and are killed as well.

My Top Pick

My go-to choice for deworming medication has to be Excel’s 8-in-1 Safeguard Canine Dewormer. 

The main ingredient fenbendazole is commonly used in prescription medications, so I feel confident in its ability to treat a broad spectrum of worms, unlike other treatments such as Bayer’s tapeworm tablets or Panacur, which only treat one type of tapeworm. Some may prefer a flavored chew over powder, such as Sentry’s 7-Way Dewormer.

Anything that I choose to give my dog has to be safe for them, and Excel’s 8-in-1 is considered the safest on the market. It’s also in a powdered granule form, making it easy to mix in with their food and administer over three days, instead of chasing them around the house, wielding a pill pocket.

After you’ve got rid of the existing worms, make sure you consult your veterinarian for the best preventative medicine for both worms and fleas. Parasites can cause an immense amount of discomfort for your dog, and the best way to keep them from entering your home and pet is to prevent them from being able to in the first place.

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