Best Dog Diapers – For Male Dogs

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In a rush and just want my recommendation?  I think the Paw Legend reusable dog diapers are a great choice.

There are times while raising a male dog that might call for a dog diaper. While the idea of putting a diaper on your dog can seem strange, sometimes your hound may need one.

I want to go over the best dog diapers for male dogs and the reasons why you might need to use them. 

In this article, I’m reviewing the following dog diapers for male dogs.

5 Best Diapers For Male Dogs Reviewed

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Belly Band

Wegreeco dog belly bands are a great option for male dogs who are smaller in size.

The belly bands have a gentle and comfortable fit for dogs who have a waist size between 11-14”. These dog diapers come in navy, black, and charcoal colors for a fashionable look for your dog! 

There is a built-in absorbent pad that comes with each diaper to help you prevent any leaks or marking from getting into your carpet or furniture. The soft inner material helps your dog stay dry throughout the day. 

By using Wegreeco dog diapers, you can skip out on buying dog diapers for more than two months. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Fashionable


  • Sizes run small

AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap, Disposable Diapers

The AmazonBasics dog diapers are a great disposable diaper option for pet owners. These diapers are a quick and easy solution for preventing marking or accidents, and they are also comfortable for the dog to wear. 

The dog diapers come in four sizes; x-small, small, medium, and large. No matter what size your dog is, there is an option to suit. You can use the diapers at home, outside, and in the car. 

To tell if your dog’s diaper needs changing, all you will have to do is look. The diapers feature a color-changing design that tells you when the diaper is damp or wet. 


  • Color-changing design
  • Variety in size


  • Not eco-friendly

Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Wrap Diapers

Paw Legend dog diapers are a stylish and eco-friendly way to protect your dogs. The diapers come in army green, light gray, and navy blue. You can buy the diapers in a variety of sizes, ranging from xx-small to xx-large. 

The Paw Legend diapers have a high absorbing power that allows dogs of all ages and sizes to comfortably go while indoors or in the car. When the diapers are dirty, you can throw the wrap into the washing machine, and it will come out brand new. 

These washable dog diapers will save you money and provide a comfortable experience for your dog. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Variety in size


  • Velcro can malfunction

All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap

The All-Absorb A26 diapers are another great disposable option for your dogs. 

The A26 diapers will keep your dog dry throughout the day without being too tight or sticking to the fur. The diaper won’t restrict the movement of your dogs, no matter how much your dog moves throughout the day. 

Another great aspect of the disposable diaper is the color-changing design to signal owners that the diaper is wet. You won’t have to feel for yourself to check if the diaper needs changing.

The diapers range from sizes x-small to large and provide an overall secure fit for the many dog types. 


  • Good fit
  • Very secure


  • Not eco-friendly

Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Bands

The Pet Parents dog diapers are a washable and reusable way to prevent a messy household. If your dog is old or in the process of potty training, the Pet Parents diaper is a good option for you.

The dog diapers come in a variety of different colors, including black, gray, and dark brown. Each belly band features a comfortable and safe material that won’t irritate your dog or limit any movement. 

When a diaper is dirty, a simple machine wash will clean the belly band up quickly. These diapers are a life-saver for long car trips as well. 


  • Reusable 
  • Eco-friendly


  • May have an awkward fit

Guide To Buying Diapers For Male Dogs

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Many people know that dog diapers exist but aren’t sure when to use them, or why. Before I recommend good diapers for dog owners, I’ll make sure that you know the situations that will call for a dog diaper. 

Why Use a Dog Diaper?

There are many reasons why someone will put a diaper on their dog. It may seem like a silly concept, but using a diaper can help improve the quality of your dogs’ life. 

If your dog is old, he may be having issues controlling his bladder, which can result in frequent messes around the house. A dog diaper is a great solution if your dog is starting to lose control of his day-to-day bodily functions.

In some cases, your dog may have bladder or bodily function issues that have no relation to age. These cases can also require the use of a dog diaper. 

Dog diapers are also great for potty-training your new puppies. The diapers are a good solution if you must leave your dog alone at home for some time. If you have yet to neuter your male dog, you can also use a diaper to prevent him from marking around the house. 

However, you should still take your puppy outside, and potty-train the dog as you normally would. 

Types of Dog Diapers

Much like human diapers, there are many types of dog diapers available on the market. Deciding which diaper will work best for you and your dog is a good way to ensure a comfortable experience for the dog, and save the family some money. 

Disposable Dog Diapers

These kinds of dog diapers are typically affordable and easy to handle. Once your dog is done using the diaper, you can simply throw the dirty product away. 

Disposable diapers are great for dog owners who don’t want to have to wash a dirty diaper every time. However, buying disposable diapers can cost you more money in the long run.

Reusable Dog Diapers

Reusable dog diapers allow you to wash a dirty diaper to use it again without throwing it away. While these kinds of diapers can cost more than the average disposable diaper, they also help you save money. You won’t have to buy new ones every single time you run out. 

After a thorough washing, your diaper will be good to go for your dog again. If you don’t anticipate using a dog diaper very often, disposable diapers may work better as they are more affordable should you buy them sporadically. 


To sum everything up, I would recommend the Paw Legend reusable dog diapers as the best dog diapers for male dogs. The diapers are cost-effective, good for the planet, and will fit your dog well, regardless of their size!

These diapers feature a material that is comfortable for your hound, which is one of the most important things about any dog product. Paw Legend diapers will also prevent leaks from marking or bladder/bowel control issues. 

While the other products are also great options for male dogs, the Paw Legend brand edges out the rest of the competition. 

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