Best Dog Leash For Everyday Use

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In a rush and just want my recommendation?  I think the Max and Neo Reflective Nylon Dog Leash is a great choice.

If you own a dog, the most essential piece of equipment, after a collar, a bowl and a bed, is a leash. You simply cannot go anywhere without having a sturdy leash to hand, so you can keep control of your hound when necessary.

In this article, I’m reviewing the following dog leashes for everyday use.

5 Best Dog Leashes Reviewed

BAAPET 4/5/6 FT Strong Dog Leash

This is a strong, ½ inch diameter, nylon-rope leash, which comes in a wide variety of bright colors. The reflective stitching is a plus, and will provide good visualization in low-light conditions.

There is soft padding on the handle, making it much more comfortable for your hands, especially if your hound pulls a little. The bolt snap clip, which attaches to the collar ring, has a 360° swivel, so if your dog likes to be active, they won’t get caught up in the leash.

There are a variety of lengths you can choose from, but personally I’d always go for a 6 ft leash, regardless of what breed your dog is. All hounds like a little bit of freedom on the leash.


  • Strong for Pullers
  • Durable for Chewers
  • Affordable
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Reflective
  • Comfortable


  • Two black plastic decorative pieces are low-quality
  • Some reports of leash having unpleasant odor

Max and Neo Reflective Nylon Dog Leash

Constructed from soft heavy duty nylon webbing, which is 1″ wide and 2mm thick. These leashes are strong and durable. They are the perfect length for me, at 6 ft, but they are available as a 4 ft leash, too.

Seven bright colors, and reflective stitching make this a great leash for day time, and low light visibility. There is a soft neoprene padded handle for you, and I love the handy D-ring for hanging my poop bag carrier on.

The bolt snap clip is heavy duty, providing a durable  attachment for the collar or harness.

The lifetime warranty covers any material defects, but they’ll also replace the leash if your hound chews it! To top it off, Max and Neo donate a leash to a dog rescue for every leash sold.


  • Heavy duty
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Reflective
  • Well-made
  • Great design


  • The nylon may fray after some use

PetSpy Two Handle Dog Leash

The bungee design leashes claim to reduce the risk of injury if your dog pulls. A little bit of shock resistance to your hound’s neck, or your shoulder is certainly a worthwhile feature.

The PetSpy leash has two handles. One at the hand end, to allow some freedom of movement, and the other is closer to your dog’s neck for tighter control in crowds or on busy highways.

The leash is made from nylon, with a lightweight buckle which is probably suitable for smaller or calm hounds. There’s a handy seat-belt buckle for when you’re out and about in the car.


  • Very strong
  • Durable
  • Free return within 30 days
  • Easy to machine-wash
  • Comfortable
  • Seat belt buckle


  • Nylon seems thin
  • Leash attachment buckle is lightweight
  • Length is 6 ft at full stretch

Fida Dog Leash 6 FT Heavy Duty

The Fida leash comes in six colors, all with reflective stitching, providing good visibility in low light. Made with a durable nylon material, there is a choice of three lengths, 4, 5 and 6 ft. All these leashes are 1″ wide.

This leash also has two handles. One at the hand end, to allow some freedom of movement, and the other is closer to your dog’s neck for tighter control in crowds or on busy highways. The padded handle is essential for hand comfort, and protecting you against injury if your hound pulls.

I really like the trigger snap clip on this leash. The spring loaded lever can be pushed onto your dog’s harness or collar D-ring, and then it just snaps shut. You can even use it with your gloves on. These clips are designed so that they can’t open accidentally.


  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Strong
  • One year warranty
  • Free return within 30 days


  • May not be suitable for large, pulling dogs

Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Training Leash

I really love the look and feel of leather. It’s durability is unquestionable, as long as the stitching is just as strong.

This leash is 5.5 ft (including the clasp), 3/4″ wide and 4mm thick. The braiding provides a little shock resistance, as well as a strong attachment to the bolt snap clip.

This is a very comfortable leash to hold, and plenty of room for your dog to move at 6’6″ long. The slightly higher price point is reflected in the quality of the leather, and it’s durability. The softness of the leather is also a nice feature. Many new leather products are not supple, needing time and wear to soften them up, but these leashes are extremely nice to hold.

Good for small dogs, as well as large dogs who pull a little. My only concern is the clip. I wish it was a trigger clip or a carabiner. Despite that, this leash will serve you well, for a long time. 


  • Generous length
  • Comfortable 
  • Soft to hold
  • Durable
  • Excellent quality leather
  • Shock absorbing braiding
  • Less stitching, so less failure points
  • Two year warranty


  • Not reflective
  • Some customers experience quality control issues

Guide To Buying An Everyday Dog Leash

Can My Dog Run Loose Anywhere?

There are many places your dog can roam free. You just have to be able to get them under control when needed. City parks will often have a sign at the entrance if there is a requirement to keep your dog on a leash. If your dog has good recall, and doesn’t wander too far, they are considered well-controlled. You still need a good leash on hand though.

What Is Considered A Good Dog Leash?

My brother is a shepherd, with a team of sheep-dogs. He considers a length of twine to be a suitable leash. Working dogs rarely need to be restrained, especially in rural areas. They are generally well trained so when they’re not working, they’re under voice control.

For the rest of us though, a piece of string just won’t be enough. Ideally, your leash needs to be strong enough to restrain an adult dog who is lunging or pulling. That’s not to say your dog will usually do that, but if the unexpected happens, you need to have a secure connection to your hound.

The leash needs to be comfortable for your hand, and long enough to let your dog walk next to you in a normal way, without the leash being tightly stretched. It also needs to be wide enough to prevent tangling, or injury to you or your dog.

High quality clips and attachments are vital. There’s no point investing in a strong leash, if the clips are likely to fail early on.

What Types Of Dog Leashes Are There?

Leashes come in a multitude of designs, materials, lengths, widths and styles.



The most common, everyday leash material. Innumerable color choices make this a popular option.


Made from mountain climbing rope, a strong, shock absorbing material. 


Good leather leashes just get better, and softer, with time. They look good for longer, especially with proper care. Very comfortable to hold.


Chain leashes are great for chewers, and if the clip is sturdy will last a long time. Suitable for larger dogs.



Everyday walking leash, with a handle at one end, and a clip attachment at the other. Varying lengths and widths, making them suitable for all dog sizes and breeds.


These leashes allow your dog more freedom, since they can vary in length at the click of a button. These aren’t for all dogs, and won’t be included here. Read my in-depth review, if you’re interested in a retractable leash.


These leashes combine a standard and retractable style. The length can be adjusted with either extra loops, or clips at different points on the leash. They are good for training on a short leash, then giving your dog freedom on a walk by extending it.

Martingale or Slip

This is a leash and collar combination. A martingale collar is a little like a choke chain, but not so hard on the dog’s neck. The martingale gently tightens if your hound keeps pulling.


If you have multiple, well-behaved dogs, they can all go on one leash. There is one main handle, which has more than one leash for each dog.


Bolt Snap Clip

The most common clip found on leashes. There is a spring inside the shaft to slide the bolt open to connect to the collar ring, before releasing the spring to close the bolt back down. These clips are very quick and easy to use, but the spring will become soft and loose with wear and tear. 

Trigger Snap Clip

This clip has a spring-loaded lever that you push inwards to open it and connect to a collar ring. The trigger clip is usually sturdier than the bolt snap clip, so good for bigger dogs or hounds that pull.


These are lockable clips, usually associated with climbing equipment. They are often a bit heavier than other clips, but ideal for keeping your dog secure. 

What Are The Main Reasons For Using A Dog Leash?

The object of using dog leashes is to keep your dog safe, under control, and as a training aid.

Keeping control of your hound is essential in both town, and country locations. In fact, in many places it’s against the law to have your dog running loose. As dog walkers, we know that an uncontrolled dog can be extremely disruptive, and sometimes downright dangerous. It’s not the dog’s fault. Lack of training, coupled with lack of control, and the situation can quickly deteriorate.

It’s worth remembering that farmers who own livestock are legally allowed to kill your dog if they chase or attack their animals

Benefits of a dog leash:

  • Provides a simple and effective way to control your dog during training, walking, running or hiking activities.
  • Prevents your dog from chasing other dogs and animals, potentially causing injury or death.
  • Prevents your dog from approaching other people without being invited.
  • Prevents your dog from wandering into inappropriate places, buildings or roads.
  • Provides a way to safely tether your dog.

How Do I Choose The Best Dog Leash?

The first consideration is the size and temperament of your dog. Remember that stressed dogs can be unpredictable though. This means that a normally calm and quiet hound may start to pull and lunge if they feel threatened by another dog, or if they are protecting you.

Then you need to think about the types of walks you do:

  • Short walks around town
  • Long walks in the countryside
  • Running with your dog
  • Hiking with your dog

This will determine the leash material, length and width, and type of clip you need.

That said, when you’re looking for the best dog leash for everyday use, the standard style is going to be the most useful to you. If your dog has health or behavioral problems your vet may have useful leash recommendations.

There are so many good leashes to choose from. I’ve had a close look at five popular choices to assess the quality and value of these leashes, so your decision should be made a lot easier.


There are some brilliant options in this review. To be honest, I like all these leashes. The Fairwin braided leather leash is very attractive to me, for it’s look, feel and durability.

On balance, though, I have to award the Max and Neo Reflective Nylon Dog Leash the number one spot. 

This leash has reflective stitching, which for me is really important. I need to be safety aware for my hound, and that means they need to be visible at all times. The clip seems to be stronger than many similar bolt attachments, and frankly, a leash is only as strong as the hardware attached to the collar or harness.

The Max and Neo is a well-made, affordable and comfortable leash. Its heavy duty construction gives me the confidence to walk, run or hike with my dog. The length also provides my hound with plenty of room to move around and sniff.

The fact that the manufacturers donate to animal rescue organizations is an absolute bonus.

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