Best Low-Fat Dry Dog Food

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In a rush and just want my recommendation?  I think the Purina ONE Weight Management formula is a great choice.

If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight, you know how hard it can be. Unfortunately, dogs are no different, but the right diet can help them like it helps us.

Dog food formulas with less fat are great for weight control, but they also need to contain other nutrients to make up for lack of fat content.

Keep reading to learn more about the best low-fat dry dog food.

In this article, I’m reviewing the following low-fat dry dog foods.

5 Best Low-Fat Dry Dog Foods Reviewed

The best low-fat dry dog food for your dog is one they will eat and enjoy. It should also have enough protein, vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s development.

Purina ONE Weight Management, Natural Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE Weight Management, Natural Dry Dog Food is an excellent option if your dog struggles with their weight. You can choose between the turkey formula and the lamb and rice formula. In the turkey version, the meat is the most common ingredient.

It contains natural sources of glucosamine that help support joint health, and an antioxidant blend can help your dog’s immune system. The dog food contains 25 percent less fat than the Purina One Smartblend food.

This food contains more protein to make up for less fat, and it provides a complete and balanced set of nutrients. There are no fillers, and the high-quality protein can help your dog maintain lean muscle as they lose weight.

The dog food also contains vitamins A and E to help support your dog’s vision and immune system. Your dog can also get calcium from this food, which can help maintain their teeth and bones.

This formula contains 8 to 12 percent crude fat, and most commercial dog foods contain 5 to 20 percent fat. You can feed this to your dog like any other dog food, and it’s suitable for dogs of all sizes.


  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Good for adult dogs
  • Multiple formulas available
  • High-quality protein and other ingredients
  • No fillers or artificial ingredients


  • Not for puppies or seniors
  • Lack of quality control

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Another excellent option to consider, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula food has real chicken as the main ingredient. It doesn’t contain any meat by-products or artificial flavors, but it does have vitamin and mineral enhancements.

The food provides just enough calories from fat without any extra. Your dog can still get the nutrients they need while losing weight, and those nutrients include protein, vitamins and antioxidants.

There’s calcium to help promote strong teeth and bones, and glucosamine and chondroitin help with your dog’s mobility and joint function. You can give this food to adult dogs regardless of their size, and you can give the food dry or add water to it.

The food has about nine percent crude fat, and it follows labeling guidelines from the AAFCO. It’s an excellent option for dogs who struggle to lose weight, but it can also help dogs maintain their weight.

You won’t find any soy or wheat in this formula, and you can find varieties for puppies, adults and seniors. So no matter your dog’s age or breed, you can use the food to help them reach a healthy weight.


  • Meat as the first ingredient
  • Helps support bones and muscles
  • Can help dogs lose weight
  • Good for all dog breeds
  • Variety of nutrients


  • Quality control issues
  • Mold and bugs can get into the food

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low Calorie Dry Dog Food for Overweight Adult Dogs

Natural Balance Fat Dogs food is another option to consider when your dog needs to lose weight. The food has a blend of high-quality proteins, and there’s also a high amount of fiber to keep your dog full.

It contains about 26 percent protein and around 7.5 percent fat, and it’s a low-calorie dry dog food. You can give the food to any adult dog from less than 10 pounds to 140 pounds. This food is great for both weight loss and maintenance, and it has a guide for how much to feed your dog based on weight goals.

The formula not only helps your dog lose weight, but it has enough nutrients so that your dog can be active. That way, your dog can reach a healthy weight more easily. It’s also easy to digest, so your dog can take in all of the nutrients from the food.

This food doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors, and the protein blend helps maintain lean muscle. Veterinarians and nutrition experts designed the formula, and it contains vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to be healthy.


  • Helps dogs of all sizes
  • Contains chart to help you give the right amount
  • High-protein and fiber content
  • Low on fat and calories
  • Can maintain lean muscle mass


  • Takes time to see weight loss
  • Quality control issues

Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food Pork, Chicken & Fish Reduced Fat

Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food is another great choice for overweight dogs. It contains the nutrients your dog needs to be healthy, and it has a nice balance of protein and carbohydrates. There are fewer calories than other dog foods and reduced fat to help with weight loss.

This food doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or meat by-products, but it combines multiple types of meat to ensure your dog gets enough protein. The formula contains about 35 percent less fat than the regular variety of Eagle Pack food, and it’s about 6 to 9 percent crude fat.

Ingredients include chicken meal and pork meal, and there are also vitamins and minerals. There’s also glucosamine to help support your dog’s joints, and calcium can support your dog’s bones.

It’s suitable for dogs that weigh 5 to 200 pounds, and it can help with weight loss and maintenance. You can use the chart to determine how much to give your dog each day.


  • Natural formula
  • Optimal balance of essential nutrients
  • Helps dogs lose or maintain weight
  • Multiple sources of protein
  • Lower fat than other dog foods


  • Not for the largest dog breeds
  • Some dogs don’t like the taste

Diamond Naturals Light Dry Dog Food Lamb Meal and Rice Formula

Another low-fat dry dog food to consider is from Diamond Naturals. It uses pasture-raised lamb for the main protein source, and it helps promote lean muscles. The formula also contains probiotics, and it’s easy for your dog to digest.

You won’t find any artificial colors or preservatives, but it is complete and balanced dog food. Glucosamine helps support your dog’s joints, and the vegetables and fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals.

The food’s fat content starts at about 6 percent, and it contains 15 percent fewer calories than the regular Diamond Naturals dog food. It’s an excellent option for dogs who aren’t very active, and the food package has a chart for how much to give dogs ranging from 20 to 200 pounds.

You can also use the food to help maintain your dog’s weight, and you can give them slightly more food than in the chart. That way, your dog will get enough nutrients to keep the same weight.


  • Good for dogs of all sizes
  • Excellent if your dog isn’t very active
  • Easy for your dog to digest
  • Contains the nutrients your dog needs
  • Very low fat content


  • Can make dogs sick
  • Uses meat meal rather than meat

Guide To Buying Low-Fat Dry Dog Food

How to Choose Low-Fat Dry Dog Food

Whether you’re about to get your first dog or need to switch foods for your current pet, you should consider a few factors. You can find tons of dry dog foods out there, but you should think about what your dog needs.

Learning how to compare and analyze dog food labeling will help you to know exactly What’s In Your Dog’s Food.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the best low-fat dry dog food.

Dog Age

First, you should consider how old your dog is. Regardless of fat content, puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. As puppies grow, they need food that supports their bones and muscles.

Adult dogs need food that can help maintain their muscles and bones, while senior dogs need even more bone and muscle support as they age.

Dog Breed

You should also think about your dog’s breed. Larger breeds need more protein to support their bones and their larger frames. However, small breeds also need protein to help with their bones and muscles.

Food Nutrition

All dogs also need vitamins and minerals, and they need the same ones as humans. But make sure you find a dog food that is right for your dog’s size so that they get the right amount of these nutrients. Some ingredients to look for are: 

  • Real meat as the first ingredient
  • No by-products
  • No artificial dyes or sweeteners
  • Vegetables and fruit towards the top of the ingredient list

You can look at the dog food label to make sure it has the right amount of nutrients. That way, you can give your dog the best food for their needs.


If your dog needs help losing weight, you can adjust their food. But before you do that, you should get the best low-fat dry dog food. That way, your dog can get their essential nutrients while losing weight.

The best low-fat dry dog food is the Purina ONE Weight Management formula. It has all of the nutrients your dog needs, and you can use it with any adult dog. However, all of the foods listed are great, so have your dog try a couple to see which is best, and for variety.

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